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From: Sal, on behalf of John Kendall
Date: December 3, 2008
To: Chris Leydon
Subject: engine


I wanted to personally thank you for pulling what turned out to be a mess of an engine together.  Your perseverance and knowledge of engines is just remarkable and puts you in a league of the very few.  Something to be very proud of; we recognize your extraordinary talents and appreciate your attention to our business even after you discovered it was more of a challenge than you originally signed up for.  After all the efforts you made to build this engine and when you thought you were finished one can just imagine the discouragement  you must have encountered when you heard the unknown sound of what later turned out to be a bad SKF bearing. We are sorry you had to encounter that problem on this engine, one that came with its own set of issues.

Please accept this email as a personal note of thanks for an extraordinary job well done.  John will be very happy and assured knowing he has your skillful and thoughtful work under his hood. I know he is proud to have had you build this engine. 

As you mentioned in your email, we also hold warm memories of our meetings with you in your busy shop with all its rare and interesting machines, I can just picture you there as I write this email. It was always interesting to receive your illustrated technical progress reports.

I hope all goes well for you in the coming year.  We would like to stay in touch from time to time, not that we have another job lined up, but rather just to follow how you are doing.

Best to you and your family,

(on behalf of John Kendall)