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From: John Kendall
Date: December 10, 2008
To: Chris Leydon
Subject: ALFA TWO

It was with real joy that I got the news that you had finished the reconstruction of the 1750 engine for Alfa #2!!!  That chassis and that engine have caused no little grief amongst the motoring fraternity. You and I are only the latest to have been trapped by its undoubted good looks and its very dubious history.

In the ten or so years that I have owned it, I cannot have had more than one quarter of an hour driving it as a complete car---and I returned from my first (and only) jaunt covered in motor oil and antifreeze.

Now that you have finished the unhappy job of re-engineering the engine and rebuilding it (call it twice???) I am very much looking forward to having it in my stable knowing that it has a bullet proof engine that will give me the same satisfactions that I have had with the Masserati 8C 3,000, the Maserati 6CM, and especially the two Alfa 2.3 8Cs.  None of those cars have given even a hint of being anything other than totally reliable, fast, and noisy in the best sense of the word.

We now have a shipping date to bring the car to my home where, if the weather allows, I can drive it over the Christmas holidays.

We all have suffered vicariously with you as the multiple surprises have unfolded, but please rest assured that your efforts have not gone unrecognised.

With heartfelt thanks for a difficult and disagreeable job well done!!!


John Kendall