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From: John Kendall
Date: April 1, 2007
To: Chris Leydon

Many thanks for your e-mail of March 23rd. It states your position with remarkable clarity.

As you are no doubt aware, I was deeply disappointed to forego the SOUTHERN FESTIVAL OF SPEED held in New Zealand over several weeks in January and February of 2007. It was to be the trip of a lifetime which I canceled at the last minute for personal reasons.

Now we are faced with the scheduling of two completions --- the Maserati 8C, and the Alfa 6C 1750---both, according to your messages and prior photos, hardly to be considered "run of the mill".

If my understanding is correct, the 8C will be completed within the month of April --- no date was suggested for the 6C. With respect to the Alfa, I would very much like to have it returned to Dave George so that it can be re-installed in its chassis, and run in before being shipped to Europe. Clearly this will not be possible for the trip to France we had scheduled for May of this year. Perhaps you could give us some idea when to expect the Alfa engine so that we can plan our part of the process.

As you no doubt have been told, and I willing repeat myself, having your engines in my race cars and touring cars is a genuine joy. Not only are they powerful, but they run reliably, cleanly --and sound just great!!!

I look forward to having two more.

With best wishes and kind regards to you and your crew.

(John Kendall)