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From: John Kendall
Subject: THANKS!!!
Date: December 12, 2005
To: Chris Leydon, David George

What a great weekend!!! In spite of the cold --- which was considerable, in my estimation-everything ran well, in fact even exceeded expectations.

The 6CM, which only made it after months of sourcing and creating new parts, turned out to make ever more beautiful music, and gave even more horsepower. For me, it a real joy to drive -- and so far seems to be without a secret agenda to take me off into the mud puddles.

Even running with a rev limit for most of the weekend, it went very well and quickly. When I forgot about the rev limit, in the last race, the old girl really made me sit up and take notice.

Once again, many thanks for having made the special efforts to get her out for this last race of the season. Now I can hardly wait for Spring.

With best wishes and kind regards to both of you and your crews.

Happy Holidays!!!

(John Kendall)