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From: Robert Davis
Date: June 9, 2005
To: Chris Leydon
Subject: Mille Miglia 2005


I didn't have a chance to speak to you but just wanted to thank you for your teams tireless effort to get the Alfa ready for the MM.  We had a fantastic time. Fortunately the weather was absolutely beautiful the whole time and other than some problems with plugs, due to a very rich set up I think, the car ran flawlessly.

We ran the car quite easy for the first few hundred miles,but boy when you needed power to pass or get up a hill -  it goes  - and what a great sound it makes. At some time I would like to get the car back to you to change the fluids and check that everything is within spec. I think the brakes might need to be readjusted - the endless mountain passes might have eaten the brakes up some.

The only other issue that came up was the gas filler neck. It popped out of the rubber coupling while we were driving down a mountain pass - fortunately I was able find it lying in the bushes about 100 yards away.  I think the most practical tool you sent along with the car was the duct tape - we used it to secure the filler neck onto the car. We probably couldn't have continued running without it!

Lastly I do think we should do the gearbox  With the rest of the car running so strong it is the only component not up to spec and feels very tired. That said I am not really sure what a rebuilt non-syncro gearbox is supposed to feel like. We can discuss this further.

Please convey my appreciation to everyone.