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It was really good to see you at Hershey! Also to see Milt M. again. I spent a lot of time with Tim H. He will sell some excess parts for me. We also worked on my clutch problem. Now I think we have the wrong lining material. He took my spare cone back with him to have it relined in the UK. Meanwhile we are using the car and babying the clutch. Caroline loves it. We have a tour on Saturday. Everyone loves the wings!

Forgot to tell you we went to Pitcairn. Saw Gary and Charlie Ford there. Great airplanes. Car ran well over & back. Everyone loved the wings! Tim thinks the car runs very well. He drove it & thinks it is very quick. I had to restrain him some! He loves the wings! So does John Hunt who we saw at Castle Hill. We will stop by soon. Tim also thinks I should get a new clutch spring from J. Hunt. Said it helped his a lot.

Best regards to all.

Don Hinmon