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November 20, 1995

Dear Sirs:

I am directing this letter to "Tech Letters", since European Car doesn't have a letters to the editor section. This is purely an observation from one who has never written to a magazine, and a great one, in his life.

Dear Editor:

It was truely a wonderful sight to see the blue Maserati race car on pages 88-0 of the December issue of E. C., and the accompanying historical account chronicling the lineage of the 8CTF number 3030. But here the story was cut short, with only one paragraph to tell us that the car was elected to be painted blue and Rene Le Begue's name has been affixed. The complete reconstruction, after others failed, is the real story together with the car's history.

In this reader's opinion the narrative should have started with "the rod through the block" and gone on in great detail about the brilliant engineering and craftsmanship that went into rebuilding the chassis, body, and engine by Mr. Leydon and his crew.

The car, as you know, was a wreck and the work that was done in Leydon's shop transcends the loose modern term "restoration". This car went back to the drawing board! New cams and timing gears--a dozen plus--just to start with, not to mention the chassis that found the tree in the infield. Wheels, brake drums, running gear, and alloy body panels had to be put right. It was also a gamble whether the machine would run right after so much modification?

Mr. Leydon exemplifies the highest standard of this engineering art form and should be given full credit for creating a masterpiece where others failed.


Talbot Lovering