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September 25, 1994

TO: Mr. Bob Rubin
FROM: E. Dean Butler

Dear Bob:

Yes, the Amilcar made it to Colorado--and the really good news is that it went the 1000+ miles on its own power! The car ran beautifully, thanks to Chris' expertise. It is hard to believe that, with very little time to test the car, it had such a faultless run. Our only problems were two flat tires, and, would you believe, both tachometers blew up ( and I used to wonder why Amilcar installed two tachs--should have been three).

The car is now on its way to Chris for a going over, and it WILL be at Bridgehampton. I also plan on bringing my T51 Bugatti--ex Chiron car which is believed to be the car which won Monaco in 1931. After Bridgehampton I am going to have Chris go thru the drivetrain just to be safe.

I will be flying in from the UK just for your event. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,


cc: Chris Leydon