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June 1, 1994

Dear Amilcar:

I understand that you are feeling much better--that you are back on your feet after your long period of disablity. Your doctors have told me that your color is coming back and that you will soon be racing around, firing on all cylinders, as they say. In fact, your doctors tell me that you now have a supercharged attidude--so much so that they fear they will have to put the brakes on you soon.

Your doctors are so pleased with your progress that they predict you will be released within about four months. The only concern at that time will be the hospital bills, but that will be the least of our worries, as we will be so happy to have you running around again.

Your period of hospitalization is certain to make you feel much younger--and sort of give you a new start in life!

Best regards,

E. Dean Butler