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November 26, 1992


I've now been driving the Alfa for a couple of long rides, one with Jim Ibold driving. I must say it is absolutely fantastic--running FAR better than ever before. It starts more easily, runs more smoothly and has far more power than before. I only wish you had gone through the distributor and carb when it was there originally!

I have had to tighten up the lines to the (neat) oil filter, as they were leaking a bit. And, the accelerator linkage fell off once because the spring steel clips had pretty well lost their tension. I tried to tighten one up and (as I was afraid) broke it. Now I have tie wire in its place. Do you have any of these clips? Are they a standard item? If so, I could do with replacing a few of them.

Anyway, you have absolutely no idea how happy I am with the way the Alfa is running. NOW I really understand what Purdy, Stein and others meant about the 1750s!!