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Dear Chris & Wayne,

Thanks so much for all you have done for me . . . and the car. My long awaited dream is upon me . . . to return to my roots. It may seem odd to many, that the MG-TC is a car for the west . . . California being the opposite of England in every way. Climate and such so vastly different . . . however, it is indeed the place to have an open seater vehicle, with open roads and the opportunity to drive without fear of salt, snow and the dormancy that befalls cars . . . and we humans during the winter months . . . a real wast I have always felt.

I shall be thinking of you as I tool down the highways--in the sunshine, knowing that the beautiful car you have created--or re-created--is a tribute to your collective talents.

I shall be thinking of you as the car hurtles over a 300 foot cliff into the briny when the cracked spindles cut loose . . . a problem that you are absolved of!

Thanks again for everything. It has been a grand experience for me to witness an almost lost art--caring about what you do.


Frank Schroeder