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June 1, 1987

Dear Chris, Rita, Wayne, Paul and Chuck:

Whendy and I are finally coming out of combined jet lag and Mille Miglia lag. It's hard to believe that we've been to Italy and back, and drove our car through the terrain, traffic and people of Italy.

Thank you for turning out a machine that took us through the trip so safely, and thank you for attending to us while we traversed Italy. We look forward to many more events with the Alfa (perhaps even some more abroad--but not for a while) with some or all of you participating. The true reward for us is the sharing of the successful running with you, so let's pick some events!

I know Wayne and Chris developed a list of things to attend to on the car, and I'm enclosing one with my own thoughts. I'm also enclosing some pictures of other Monzas, pinpointing details which I think will help us to properly complete our car.

Also enclosed are two photos taken by professional photographers in Italy. I've ordered complete sets for all of you of the ten or so photos taken by them, and will get them to you when they arrive.

Finally, I enclose a copy of the final tally of order of finish, which establishes conclusively that Whendy and I paid no attention whatsoever to the stopwatches which were in the car.

Best Regards,

Gary Schonwald